About Us

We will empower our communities to be more aware of mental health and understand what we can do to protect it.

Co-Founder / Director Dr Libby Artingstall

Libby is a medical doctor who specialised to become a consultant forensic psychiatrist. She’s a member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists and has worked with young people and adults in many different settings, including secure hospitals and the prison service.

Libby has maintained a long- standing interest in health education and has obtained a Post Graduate Certificate in Teaching & Learning in Clinical Practice. She feels passionately about changing the way in which mental health is perceived and managed and believes that multi-disciplinary professionals need to work together to ensure positive mental health and wellbeing across our communities.

Co-Founder / Director Dr Sile McDaid

Sile is a medical doctor who specialised to become a consultant child and adolescent psychiatrist. She’s a member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists. Throughout her career, Sile has worked across the community providing care to hundreds of children and adolescents experiencing a wide range of mental disorders.

She is driven to support communities move away from a position of reactive, crisis intervention towards a more proactive stance where promotion, prevention, detection and early intervention are prioritised. She is passionate about working across communities to ensure health and wellbeing for all; today and in the future.

Experts offering sector specific consultation, strategy design and implementation, training and resources

Team Mental Health is headed up by two medical doctors, Dr Libby Artingstall and Dr Sile McDaid who specialised to become consultant psychiatrists. As friends with significant collective experience of working with children, young people and adults experiencing mental health problems, they became acutely aware of how limitations in the way mental health is perceived and managed could impact on the ability of a person to realise and achieve their potential.

Libby and SÍle realised that for real differences to be made, expert led support to inform and empower the frontlines of our communities was essential. They collaboratively reflected on their knowledge, experience, best practice recommendations and the evidence base, and considered carefully how these could best be combined to develop an accessible, meaningful and empowering intervention. The outcome was Team Mental Health.

TMH have been successfully working with schools, businesses and the sports sector to promote good mental health, prevent mental ill health and detect signs of mental health problems early for four years.

Mental Health in Society Training (MHiST) Limited (trading as Team Mental Health) is registered in England and Wales under company number 10386862 and with its registered office at Unit 64, Atlantic Business Centre, Atlantic Street, Altrincham WA14 5NQ.

Our Beliefs

  • Mental health is a state of wellbeing. Mental ill health reflects a deterioration in our mental health.
  • Like physical health, we all have mental health and we all need to know how to look after it.
  • Mental health awareness is more than recognising signs. It’s also essential to understand how to promote positive mental health, prevent mental ill health, signpost effectively and support recovery.
  • Mental health is a state of wellbeing. Mental ill health reflects a deterioration in our mental health.For real and meaningful differences to be made, a whole organisation approach to mental health and wellbeing is key. It’s essential to educate and empower every individual to value and protect their mental health.
  • By driving positive change across workplaces, schools and the sports sector, we can support communities to thrive.

Our Mission

  • To align mental health with physical health and ensure that people learn to value their mental health as they do their physical health.
  • To use our experience as doctors to lead the way and transform the way we perceive and manage mental health.
  • To take action to support mentally healthy children & young people develop into mentally healthy adults.
  • To support mentally healthy adults to stay mentally healthy.
  • To reduce the number of children, young people and adults requiring the input of specialist mental health services.
  • To drive change so we can move away from reactive, crisis intervention and move towards proactive, preventative action.