Team Mental Health is a commercial business driven by social values and a passion to make a positive difference to the lives of many. We’re open, honest, and proud of who we are and what we do.

Over the last four years we’ve freely committed hundreds, if not thousands, of hours of our time to raise mental health awareness across schools, businesses, and sporting organisations. Our position is simple … the more people we can empower to look after and protect their mental health, the bigger the positive difference we can make. To the best of our ability, we’ll continue to support our communities in this way. We also believe that through supporting and partnering with some incredible charities, we can maximise our ability to positively influence the mental and physical health of many.

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In 2013, our Dr Sile McDaid was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer. She received treatment and thankfully is well. She is now passionate about using her experience to positively influence others. In 2016, Sile and Libby, together with Libby’s dad David, decided to raise some money for the brilliant breast cancer charity CoppaFeel! (charity number 1132366). With the support of Sile’s brother Johnny, the wonderful Courteney Cox, the incredible Snow Patrol, and everyone who attended ‘The CoppaFeel! Ball’, they raised over £30,000.

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Team Mental Health are proud to partner with the fantastic Looseheadz Foundation (charity number 1193051). Looseheadz is the rugby leisurewear brand aiming to tackle the stigma associated with mental health. They are working to change the narrative and help make the conversation about promoting good mental health, preventing mental ill health, and encouraging people to talk and seek support when in need.