Mental Health Awareness

Expert led, sector specific online and face to face mental health awareness


Mental Health Awareness

Team Mental Health provide an expert led approach to mental health awareness. We support the education sector, sports sector and all workplaces in their bid to support positive mental health and wellbeing so that:
• Children, young people and staff at all levels, from the most junior to the most senior, are supported to be their best
• Everyone within an organisation is empowered to look after their own mental health, so together, we can support each other
Individual certificates to evidence steps taken to support the mental health and wellbeing of pupils, students and staff are available to print for CPD portfolios, internal appraisals and reporting, and external inspections and monitoring.


Supporting all working in sport - The team behind the player/s.

A whole organisation approach to mental health and wellbeing.


Supporting all learning, living and working in the education sector.

A whole school, college or university approach to support mental health and wellbeing of all.


Supporting employers and employees to be their best so businesses can thrive.

A whole organisation approach to mental healthy and wellbeing.

Free TMH Toolkit

Supporting all who work with and care for children and young people.

This unique video covers the core essentials for parents, carers and professionals.

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